6 Reasons Lexington Companies Trust Us

1. The police trust us

When an alarm is detected, we use audio sensors to give officers real-time information about the suspect, helping them respond to the scene quickly, safely and strategically.

And when a police officer apprehends a suspect because of one of our alarms, we give them a Certificate of Excellence and a branded duty bag. Just as a "thank you" for their hard work and quick response to our alarms.

We feel more confident responding to a call for one of their alarms. The audio verification provides us the ability to respond more quickly and tactically to an in-progress break-in. Any time we have real-time information, it affects how fast an officer responds and how they approach the situation. And, as far as officer safety is concerned, it makes a huge difference.Robert Stack, Lexington Police Department
From a reliability standpoint, what separates Sonitrol from other alarm companies is the crucial and accurate information that is provided on the way to a scene. Sonitrol is the best system out there for making apprehensions.K-9 officer, Tallahassee Police Department

2. We back our service to $10,000 and $15,000

If you use our intrusion system and have a forced entry that we don't detect, we'll pay the first $10,000 of your loss in addition to what your insurance pays. If you use our intrusion system and another system (video, access control, etc.), we'll back our service to $15,000. Some restrictions apply.

3. We refund if you're not satisfied

If your security system doesn't perform as well as we said it would or you're unhappy with our services within the first 3 months, we'll refund your installation fee and remove all equipment from your facilities.

4. We pay false alarm fines

If you get a false alarm fine on an alarm we dispatched—one that wasn't caused by your employees, the telephone company or an "act of God"—we'll help you cancel the fine or pay it for you.

5. We promise prompt service

We guarantee one of our service technicians will be at your location within 3 hours of your emergency service request. 

Fayette and surrounding counties only.

6. We guarantee our services for life

We give you a lifetime warranty on all system equipment and services, including labor and equipment costs to repair your security system (except on damages caused by users or "acts of God").

Ready for police-trusted security?