Eliminate Blind Spots With Verified Security

Finally, a security system that's not blinded by rows of inventory. With verified security, we install audio sensors (each covering up to 5,000 square feet) and video cameras in your warehouse or distribution center.

We then monitor your system 24/7, so we can verify if someone is robbing or vandalizing your property. Making sure your inventory stays safe and profitable.

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What we offer

We monitor your system for break-ins 24/7 using audio sensors and video cameras that cover your entire facility.

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We design, install and monitor the latest video equipment systems in your warehouse or distribution center.

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We call the fire department as soon as the fire alarm rings, keeping your employees, inventory and cargo safe.

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With electronic ID badges and door monitoring, employees and contractors will only go in the areas you let them.

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Run custom reports, update access control settings, attend trainings and do a lot more with our security management tool, mySonitrol.

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Arm and disarm your system, view live video, change door lock/unlock schedules and do more with the Sonitrol mobile app.

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What verified security looks (and sounds) like

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