Police Come Faster When You Have Verified Security

Say goodbye to break-in blind spots. We custom design and install security systems that cover every inch of your facility, then monitor and verify the alarm activity. So we'll detect a break-in at your facility, and dispatch the police as soon at it happens.

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How verified intrusion detection works

  1. Detect an intruder

    Using impact activated audio detection sensors, we listen-in when an armed sensor detects sound to determine if it is an intruder or a false alarm.

  2. Call for help or reset

    If the alarm is false, we simply reset your system without bothering you or the police. If it's an intruder, we call the police. They know we're accurate, so they dispatch quickly.

  3. Give live updates

    We listen to live audio from your sensors to give the police real-time information about the intruder.

Manage your system from your smartphone

Arm and disarm your system, view live and recorded video, lock and unlock doors, and do more with the Sonitrol mobile app.

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What verified intrusion detection looks like

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